Writing is more important for your business than ever before.

 ‘As I did not have time to write you a short letter, I have written you a long one instead.’

Mark Twain wrote this in reference to the fact that it is often much harder to write a short text than a long one. Unless you have a natural or acquired talent, writing succinct copy can be very time consuming.

How do you find the time and focus to pull together your newsletters, reports or submissions? What about your social media content?

At The Write Business we make it easier because our only focus is on your words. We are a small team of writers and editors who love helping people to find the right words, so they send out the right messages and meet their deadlines.

More than ever, businesses and organisations are under pressure to create written content for multiple communication platforms and requirements. We understand the challenges. Social media and evolving websites are increasingly adding an extra demand on your workload – they need updating regularly to keep your business at the top of the list. Equally, tenders, funding applications and proposals require constant improvement to retain your competitive edge.

Contact us now to discuss your project – info@thewritebusiness.com.au.

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