About Us

The partnership of Louise Jones and Carola Akindele-Obe offers you over 40 years of accumulated corporate and marketing writing experience.

They delight in bringing consistency, efficiency and polish to all sorts of written materials; from huge corporate reports  and submissions to website copy and newsletters, even regular blog posts and video scripts.

The combination of Louise’s legal experience and Carola’s background in arts marketing, offers a depth of research, writing and business knowledge not usually available in one hit or from other writing services.

Louise Jones is a former barrister having worked extensively in both private practice and government departments in Western Australia and London.

Carola Akindele-Obe is a gypsy at heart who has chosen beautiful Perth to raise her family. Originally from Scotland, Carola studied design at Glasgow School of Art and has worked for over 20 years in arts management . Her skills and experience derive from specialist roles in marketing, events and business development for arts organisations, charities and commercial enterprises in London, Taiwan, Sydney and now in Western Australia. Carola loves to draw on her diverse cross-industries experience to connect people and to inject shrewd insights into her work – and yours.