to tweet or not to tweet


It is a constant challenge deciding which social media platform best serves the interests of your business. The imperative to create personal connections with clients creates insecurity. We are all becoming trapped in a cycle of keeping up with endlessly dynamic media trends, compelled to capture a market or advantage from all angles.

 It’s easy to focus on product and service but lose sight of how our ideal customer interacts with social media and their preference for receiving information.

 In our experience, a consumer has neither the time nor the inclination to follow a product or service on multiple platforms. They don’t want to catch up with you on Google+ and tumblr and facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and read your bi-monthly newsletter and your weekly blog. They want to hear from you, what’s new, what’s available but they don’t want be to fed that same message in diverse formats over and over again.

 Commentators and anthropologists far more savvy than us spend hours analysing demographic trends – who uses these platforms? how old are they? what is their gender, their interests, to whom are they otherwise connected. A wealth of data and statistics exists to help you determine how best to connect with your client. But, here’s a novel idea, why don’t you ask them.

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