Artifacts – new edition

ARTIFACTS – the magazine of the Friends of the Art Gallery of WA (AGWA)

We’ve been producing and editing this magazine for the last 12 months, and by this fourth, forthcoming edition (out 1st Dec 12)  I’d say we have managed to establish a good format. As always for not-for-profit arts organisations, the budget is tight, so we do our best to keep costs down by using volunteer provided photography, in house writers (TWB & AGWA) where possible, a freelance one man show designer (instead of an agency) – the wonderful, quality lower cost stock and of course Louise and I put in a lot of extra effort to make sure that it’s looking as good as we can for the budget.

It’s a 28 page full colour A4 magazine, which costs the Friends on average approximately $4 per issue. Kay, a volunteer, from the Friends raises important income through advertising to cover the hard costs and since the magazine launched its new look it’s certainly been able to attract a lot more ad sales than in its previous incarnation. The magazine is reportedly well-received by the members who receive it as part of their annual benefits as well as visitors to the Gallery – and in this way its a great way to support the Gallery’s exhibitions and activities.

In addition, the Friends have managed to extract a BOGOF deal (I laughed myself silly when I first heard that term when I arrived in Australia – Buy One Get One Free). Basically we produce an Events Guide for the Friends which is inserted into the centrefold of the main magazine. This arose out of the Friends organisation’s need to heavily promote their events (which raise important funds to support AGWA) – but they also wanted a magazine that was more editorial in its focus than ‘marketing brochure’. The Event Guide is a 12 page booklet the size of the A4 magazine but folded in half vertically, which lists all the upcoming events with descriptive text, images and all the booking details. It’s printed on an uncoated laser paper stock and although stapled into the centrefold, it can be removed to stand alone. It is so useful for the Friends that they order a run-on of these Guides to distribute separately.

With increased budget our aspiration for the magazine would be to commission emerging and established art writers, as well as to increase the page count to allow a less congested layout with larger images and the quality of the paper stock.

You can read the magazines at

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